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Roosebeck 6/8 Lute String Set

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Throughout history lutes have typically had gut strings. Lute strings today, however, are nylon made with high precision instruments. The rectified nylon strings in the Roosebeck set are known for their warmer tone and lightly textured feel. The silverplated copper wound nylon bass strings also produce a very warm, classical tone. Tuning and String Gauges 1:A4.018"Rectified Nylon 2:E3.022"Rectified Nylon 3:E3.022"Rectified Nylon 4:B3.024"Rectified Nylon 5:B3.024"Rectified Nylon 6:G3.024"Silverplated Wound 7:G3.024"Silverplated Wound 8:D4.024"Rectified Nylon 9:D3.026"Silverplated Wound 10:A3.028"Rectified Nylon 11:A2.030"Silverplated Wound 12:G3.024"Silverplated Wound 13:F3.024"Silverplated Wound 14:E3.026"Silverplated Wound 15:D3.026"Silverplated Wound 16:C3.030"Silverplated Wound 17:B2.030"Silverplated Wound 18:A2.040"Silverplated Wound 19:G2.040"Silverplated Wound Made in USA


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