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Ankle Bells Pair, 50 each on a String

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Total of 100, 5/8" brass bells. 50 bells are braided into each cord. Cord color may vary. Bells are primarily worn by Indian dancers on their ankles or wrists to accent their movements. You can also hang them on your drums. They will add just the right sound to lots of activities.

Ankle bells as traditionally used in the North Indian style of dance called Kathak. The Karthak dance evolved from the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathakars or storytellers. Over the centuries, Kathak dance incorperted dance elements from Persia and Central Asian; today it is a rich art form with traces of Tribal, bhakti, temple and ritual movement.

The length of each strand of bells will vary depending on the amount of loose ends. In general there are 2 bells for every inch of cording. The loose-ends of the cording can be 8"-12" each. To get the overall length of each strand of bells, take the number of bells and divide by 2, then add 20".

Overall Length: 45", Bell Section 25"


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