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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most foreign countries. We do not ship to countries where fraudulent activity is heavy.

2. I need an item fast, how can I get overnight shipping?

Place an order as you normally would but in the customer comments section, request overnight shipping. For shipping method choose expedited. Your credit card charge will be adjusted to match the overnight shipping once your order ships.

3. Why isn't my order being accepted?

If your order is being rejected, it has to do with your credit card information. Make sure your billing information and credit card information are all correct. Try submitting the order again. If it fails and you are sure that you have the correct information, please contact customer service.

4. Do you have a paper catalog?

We choose not to distribute a paper catalog because of the large amount of items we carry. Our website is the best representation of our inventory.

5. I really liked an item I got, how can I let the world know?

You can visit the product page and click on the "Reviews" tab. There you can write a review for the product you desire. You will also earn 10 Rewards Points for each product review.

6. I'd like to buy a large number of a certain item, will you give me discount pricing?

Yes we offer wholesale pricing, please ask us about the items you are interested in.

7. There are items missing from my order. How can I fix this?

We try our best to fully complete each order but there are times when items may become backordered or left out. Please contact us if you feel you are missing items. Backordered items are not charged until shipment.

8. When an item is out of stock, how long before it is back in stock?

We do our best to keep items in stock all the time. However, there are several circumstances that may keep us from restocking an item right away. Most of the time, we restock an item within a week. Other items may be out of stock longer due to the manufacturer being out of stock etc. If we have the estimated date for the arrival of an item, it will be posted on the product page. If it is not posted, then we do not have a firm date.

9. I don't have a credit card or Paypal, can I still purchase?

Yes, you can also pay by check or money order. We recommend that you use a money order because a personal check will take 7-10 days to process. To order by check or money order, please send us a letter with the items you want and your payment. You can send the letter to the address below:

Dulcimer Shofar
PO Box 26601
Los Angeles, CA 90026