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Big Twin Pick Up by K & K Sound Internal

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This top performance, wide-range, twin-head piezo transducer system was especially designed for bigger instruments with low mechanical resonance. The two heads allow for positioning at two spots which results in improved balance of the sound and a wider and absolutely flat frequency response.

The Big Twin is recommended for sitars, but, it is also great for harps, dulcimers, ouds and many other string instruments.The pickup head is attached with a special double-side adhesive film, which is UV resistant to ensure safe adhesion even after years of use. It is ultra-thin and enables the harmonic frequencies to completely pass through to the pickup disk.

Technical Information

Pickup head diameter: 3/4"

Height: 1/32"

Impedance: High ohmic

Length of connection cable: Internal Jack: Quarter inch, connected mono, with nylon shell

Made in USA


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K&K Sound
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