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Gothic Harp, 29 Strings, Walnut

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This is an authentic Gothic harp, designed by The Early Music Shop, U.K., from iconographical examples of the French Gothic harps. The body, arm and pillar are walnut and the soundboard is ply.

There are 29 DuPont nylon strings, tuned F2-F6. Unlike modern harps, the Gothic harp is not strung from the back. Each string is held into the soundboard by tension and a small button topped peg. This is a non-standing lap harp with delicate lines. The graceful arm and pillar are accented with fluid curves.

40 inches long by 20 inches deep. The base of the resonator is 5.25 inches wide by 2.25 inches deep.

A tuning tool and extra string set included.


(Length x Width x Height) Inches:
5.3 x 20 x 40
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Early Music Shop
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