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Native American Flute, Satinwood by Roosebeck

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This Native American Style flute is end blown with six finger holes. It is composed of two parts; the pipe body and the bird or saddle block. Flow is controlled by sliding the bird over the top opening. You may make a minor adjustment in pitch by moving the bird forward (sharpening pitch) or backward (flattening pitch). Make sure not to close off the opening completely. The Color of the wood varies. They are not made to be concert tuned. They are made to be in tune with themselves. The music of the Native American Style Flute is meant to be inspirational and personal. They have a lovely, open ethereal, sound. The lowest note is the F# and is played with all holes covered.

Overall length is 22 inches.

From the center of the top hole to the bottom of the flute it measures 10 5/8 inches

The distance between the holes, starting at the top hole and working down is;

1-2 - 7/8 of an inch

2-3 - 15/16 of an inch

3-4 - 1 9/32 inches

4-5 - 15/16 of an inch

5-6 - 15/16 of an inch


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