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Twin Spot Classic Pick Up by K & K Sound

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This twin-head piezo transducer system can amplify a considerable number of instruments: Saz, Oud, Bouzouki, Balaleika, Cello, Dulcimer, Bongos, and many more. The twin-head system has distinctive advantages towards the single-head transducer: The positioning at 2 spots results in a more balanced sound structure. The frequency range is broader.

The small heads with only 1.2" diameters allow an unobtrusive installation. Besides, small areas at the instrument can be reached. The professional transmission of the Jazz Guitar is achieved with the Twin Spot Classic.The two pickup disks are wedged at the left and right underneath the bridge. The characteristic sound is transferred with a strong output signal.

This installation method, where the bridge is practically "standing" on the pickup, can also be applied with other string instruments that have similar bridges.

Twin Spot Classic Universal Style Dual Small Head Transducer

The pickup head is attached with a special double-side adhesive film, which is UV resistant to ensure safe adhesion even after years of use. It is ultra-thin and enables the harmonic frequencies to completely pass through to the pickup disk.

Technical Information

Pickup head diameter: half inch.

Height: 1/32"Impedance: High ohmic

Length of connection cable: 1 ft.Jack: Quarter inch, connected mono, with nylon shell and jack attachment

Made in USA


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K&K Sound
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